Telephone Systems Installation FAQ - Telephone Systems

1. What sort of interruptions should I expect to face during the installation of a new phone system?

Typically, your phone lines will be down for up to around 30mins, however the technician can always redirect any calls to your business during this period to perhaps a staff member’s mobile phone, ensuring that no calls will be missed and ensuring minimum impact on your business.

2. How should I prepare the space for a new telephone system?

A new telephone system should be installed in a metal phone closet. The closet used needs sufficient space, good ventilation, clean & stable electrical power, and security measures (for example a lockable door). A good space will ensure that the system is reliable, easier to install and maintain and will avoid costs down the track that could have been avoided.’

3. Why is it important for cablers to be qualified?

Cabinets come in various widths, depths and height to suit the requirements of any business, from a home office to a large corporation.

Wall Mounting Cabinets

Wall mounting cabinets are suited for cable management that requires a wall mounting enclosure. Ideal for riser cupboards.


700mm Wall Mounting Cabinet Frames

600mm Wall Mounting Cabinet Frames

Steel Channel Racks

Steel Channel Racks are a cost and space effective solution.

Slimline Cabinets

Slimline cabinets come in 2RU and 3RU version. The 2RU stands out from the wall 100mm whilst the 3RU projects out 150mm, providing sufficient space for cables coming in from behind the cabinet.

Ideal for a small office/home office solution, these cabinets present a tidy, secure and professional alternative to the normal low budget approach. The majority of slimline cabinets are low profile and heavily angled so they are ideal for confined spaces such as underneath a staircase and high traffic areas like passageways.

Do you need help with your telephone systems?

Whether you require a new phone system or an upgrade, we are willing to help you make the best choice.