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Microsoft Teams SIP Trunks

Make and receive calls from anywhere

SIP Trunks for Microsoft teams allows Microsoft Cloud PBX customers to make and receive calls from the public phone network.

The solution enables business customers to start making and receiving external calls using any MS Teams device (desktop or mobile) and from anywhere (office, home, on the road, etc).

Making Microsoft Teams work for your business

  • Over-The-Top service – BYO Internet
  • Supports up to 500 SIP Voice sessions/lines with no bursting capability
  • Full geographical redundancy with carrier grade voice switches, and redundant SBCs across Melbourne and Sydney
  • Carrier grade MS teams certified SBCs
  • Trusted & secure SSL authentication and encryption between TPG SBCs and Microsoft Cloud PBX
  • Online portal for Moves, Adds, Changes & Trunk usage reporting
  • Choice of PAYG or Premium Included Value Plans (Unlimited Local, National, Calls to Mobile)
  • Direct In-dial number ranges (Ported or New)

How does it work?

SIP Trunks for Microsoft Teams

Our SIP Voice Solution connects Microsoft Teams with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via SBCs. External voice traffic is routed using business-grade IP telephony network using SIP Trunks.

MS Teams customers can connect using their Cloud PBX  without the need to implement or deploy their own on-premise SBCs.

With the SIP Voice Solution for Microsoft Teams, there is no need to be at work behind their desk to make or receive their business calls.

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SIP Trunks for Microsoft Teams

More than calls

Complete your Microsoft Teams solution with full business-grade feature set

Advanced PBX Features

Receptionist Console · Auto Call Recording · Multisite · Mobile Pairing · More


Enhance collaboration, interact with colleagues, share files and screens, move calls across devices.

Video Conferencing

Integrate with video conferencing to take collaboration to the next level.

Business Grade Internet

Ensure that your business is connected with the internet solution that helps your business to realise its potential

VoIP Hardware certified for Teams

Empower your staff with modern equipment certified for Microsoft Teams to take advantage of the unified communications platform. Users will have the option to use either a physical handset or the Teams application with a business headset.

Yealink’s and Poly’s desk phones offer large colour displays, HD voice and many advanced features. Additionally, the certified range of products include speakerphone and video cameras to work with your existing PBX.

Yealink Hardware for Microsoft Teams
Poly Hardware Certified for Microsoft Teams

Frequently asked questions

Microsoft Teams is a solution within Office 365 that acts as a central hub for workplace communications. It includes features to facilitate conversations and improve conversations: conference calls, video chat, document sharing, etc.

Teams continually evolves to offer the latest features to boost business communications.

SIP Trunking is the technology and process of connecting a telephone system to traditional public networks and other systems, allowing users to communicate with anyone using an internet connection. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol.

SIP Trunking is essential for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Microsoft Direct Routing is a service that allow organisations to connect Teams with external phone lines.

It works by using a  Session Border Controller (SBC) that can be connected to almost any telephony trunk.

At Telephone Systems we analyse your business requirements and provide all the hardware and software required to get the most out of Microsoft Teams.

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We can provide a solution with our SIP Trunk Plans or prepare a custom service for your business.

To take business communications to the next level, you can enhance Microsoft Teams with a meeting rooms solution.