NEC DT500/900 Business Phones - Telephone Systems

The NEC DT series offers both a digital (DT500 series) and IP (DT790 series) phones that suit any business. Both offer the latest in telephone technology as well as a perfect balance between form and features.
Additionally, with NEC’s innovative desktop phones you can personalise and extend functionality on each phone through applications support. NEC business phones allow you to choose from a wide variety that best fits your requirements.

The DT series will support your business communications, whether they are pure IP, digital or both.

Essential features

DT500 and DT700 handsets come equipped with the following features.

  • Multicolour MWI Lamp: P 7-Colour customisable message-waiting indicator.
  • Directories: Quickly look up contacts in the directory by using the alphabetic keypad.
  • Adjustable Stand: 5 adjustments and built-in wall mount.
  • Intuitive and Interactive Navigation: All models offer intuitive and interactive navigation of the NEC expert communication features.
  • HD Audio Quality: Both speakerphone and handset offer super wideband technology for superior HD audio quality.
  • High-Quality Handset: P The slimline handset increases conversation comfort.
  • Hot-desking: Simply log in to a free phone to make and receive calls.
  • Security: TLS and SRTP security encryption technology to protect calls and accounts.
  • Built-in PoE: To power the device and give it a network connection.
  • Flexibility with Add-on Modules: Add functions and direct-dial buttons. 8 and 60 line key add-ons, turn your phone into a switchboard.

Choosing you business phone

Once you determine how to deploy your NEC phones (IP or digital), you can begin your customisation journey.
Select from 6 to 32 keys, self-labelling, greyscale or colour displays. You may extend your phone’s capabilities with 8 or 60 button add-on modules. Customisable function keys can be adapted to your or your business requirements. The user-friendly interfaces require little or no staff training and all phones include standard features for the visually impaired, such as audio key feedback and large character display.

DT900 Series – IP Business Phones

NEC DT500 Series – Digital Business Phones

The NEC DT530 is a digital desktop phone for business. The multi-line phone has excellent audio quality, slim-line design and is intended to deliver maximum deployment flexibility and a wide range of choices that suit most business requirements.

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Extension Modules

The DT900 Series phones can be extended to provide additional functionality based on your business needs.