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Business deserves no less than an Aristel telephone system. Aristel telephone systems can handle much more than just voice calls: Voicemail, Paging, fax machines, modems, alarm sensors, door latches and door phones can all be integrated with the Aristel System during or after installation. You can even identify who is calling before you answer the phone with the optional Caller ID module or ISDN card.

Aristel offers user friendly convergent phone systems, wireless solutions, conferencing solutions and GSM Solutions for business.

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Aristel AV20 Phone System
Includes: Standard 2 Lines (Maximum 4) – PSTN Only Standard 8 Extensions (Maximum 16)* *Extensions can be either Key-phones, Standard Telephones, or Cordless Nova and SuperNova AV Series phone... Read More

NEC IP and digital handsets

Contact us for  more AV series Handsets compatible with your Telephone System.

About Aristel

Aristel has been supplying the world’s leading user friendly business telephone communications systems since 1993.
Now distributed in over 40 countries worldwide, Aristel AV and DV Series digital control telephone systems set new standards in features, functions and flexibility.

The future proof telephone system:
The Aristel Telephone System is fully upgradeable as your business expands. Add your choice of handsets as needs arise or switch existing handsets throughout the system. Handsets are available with various feature levels to suit your budget.

Easy to use:
Call handling features that can be difficult to learn with other systems are easy with the Aristel. We’ve even made answering a call easier, with line indicators that change color to show the status of calls, while conference calls, paging, call hold and transfer functions can all be activated with the touch of a single button.

Handsfree operation, Remote Door Unlocking, a Call Timer on display models, speed dialing

Even hunting for a calculator while you’re on the phone becomes a thing of the past with the handy built-in calculator function on 25 button models.
and a host of other user friendly features combine to make Aristel the ideal system for any business environment.

Match your Aristel handsets to your needs:
Handsets are available with the traditional 15 or 25 programmable button models, or the new Euro 16 button handset ; on all models, each button is programmable for two different functions. Select the 15 or 25 button or the new Euro model to suit the number of lines and facilities required. Handset feature levels include the Standard, Standard with Handsfree and the Director with Handsfree and extra-large LC display. There is even a blue, backlit display model.