NEC Univerge Blue - Cloud Communications

NEC Univerge Blue Cloud Services

Flexible and Scalable

Adapt to your needs as they change by easily ordering services and/or additional users without special expertise.

Cost Efficient

Predictable costs with our value-based plan.

High Productivity & Manageability

Enable staff to have real-time access to information and freedom to communicate however, whenever and wherever they work.

Secure and Reliable

Convenient authentication mechanisms and communications & data protection tools.

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    NEC Univerge Blue Devices

    Ultimate multi-device Working Experience

    NEC Univerge Blue combines your telephone system with multiple application features including chat, video, screen sharing, file management and conference calling. The result is a flexible communications experience that fits any working style and needs.

    NEC’s stress-free cloud services:

    • Allow mobile devices to become part of the phone system.
    • Increase workforce flexibility with virtually anywhere, anytime and on any device accessibility.
    • Transcribe voicemail messages to text and email.
    • Integrate features (chat, text messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing) for greater productivity.

    Video Conferencing and Collaboration

    Staying connected and productive is easier with one-click video meetings. Talk to your team no matter where you are in the world. All in one place, from sharing ideas to delivering work. NEC Blue Meet will let you:

    • Start a video meeting right from a messaging thread.
    • Share your screen with your team.
    • Manage the conversation flow with in-meeting chat.
    NEC Univerge Blue Video Conferencing PC
    NEC Univerge Blue Contact Centre Solution

    Contact Centre

    An optional and highly customisable solution for cloud-based contact centres.

    • Improves the handling and oversight of communications through a range of agent and supervisor contact centre services.
    • Highly flexible solution with easy deployment for remote workers.
    • Scalable from the smallest business teams to large enterprise environments.
    • Streamlines incoming inquiries from multiple channels using smart routing, and delivers context to agents for optimal customer service.

    Phone features and Handsets

    The latest NEC business handsets are ready for Univerge Blue.

    Phone Features

    • Call Forward
    • Call Hold
    • Call Recording
    • Call History
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Waiting
    • 3-way Calling
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Extension Dialling
    • Configurable Ring Options
    • Voicemail
    • Administrator Password
    • Named Ring Groups
    • Page all Phones
    • Call Park
    • Inbound Caller Name
    • Call Flip
    • Configurable Line Keys
    • Speakerphone
    • On-Hook Dialling
    • Remote Line Key
    • Transfer to Voicemail

    System Features

    • Voicemail with Transcription
    • Auto Attendant
    • Caller ID
    • Custom Hold Music & Greetings
    • Direct Inbound Dialing DID
    • Call Flip
    • Conference Bridge
    • Hunt Groups
    • Hunt Group Call Reporting
    • Email and SMS notifications
    • Busy Lamp Field/Call Presence

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      Frequently asked questions

      NEC Univerge Blue is the latest communications product from NEC that offers a full suite of cloud services ranging from integrated phone systems, video conferencing, messaging and contact centre to backup & disaster recovery.

      Using a cloud hosted phone system enables more productivity and agility for you business without the time and effort required with on-premise-based solutions.

      Cloud Phone Systems can be implemented faster and offer major flexibility and cost-saving alternatives.

      Univerge Blue can be implemented in advanced public, private hosted and hybrid cloud environments.

      NEC provide an app for most types of devices including desktop computers (PC and MAC), mobile phones (Android and iOS).