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Messages On-Hold Service

Turn callers into customers each time you press hold.

Using our expert voice talent and creative copywriters, TELEPHONE-SYSTEMS will provide the ideal platform for creating a welcoming and effective messaging solution to engage with you customers.

With outstanding audio quality and even professional musicians if necessary, our solutions are as unique as your company. TELEPHONE SYSTEMS are experts in automated attendant, comfort messages, and on-hold messages, as well as night (for when you’re closed) and holiday messages.

Automated Attendant
Comfort Messages
Onhold messages & music
Night & Seasonal messages

Harness opportunity, and turn callers into customers by keeping the on-hold message focused on your business. Use messaging like an extra salesperson keeping your callers educated, while they wait, by listening to upgrades, new products, or special messages. Likened to an ‘extra sales person’ who requires no wage, or training, but always delivers the perfect sales pitch.

Every time you press hold, create new possibilities with your customers eagerly enquiring after listening to your personalised on-hold messages. Easily uploaded to your Cloud-based phone system to make a safe ‘painless’ space for customers to wait and remain reassured to the importance of their call.

Integrate software-based IVR (Interactive Voice Responses) services to collect analytics data so you can better gauge the performance of your phone system, as well as how your customers and other employees are using it, for better caller satisfaction and improved completion rates.

Let TELEPHONE-SYSTEMS work with you to build your digital on-hold IVRs and convert your customer experience into lasting, meaningful connections.


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