Relocation Box

I’m relocating and I need to move our computer network – what should I do?

There are many facets of this process that require planning. What we suggest you do is split these many facets into different sections to ease the planning and management of the deployment of your existing network. This may indeed incorporate an upgrade in some areas as you may be increasing or decreasing your business size (perhaps this is the reason you are moving).

Creating a plan with set timeframes for each item is important as some may take longer than others to be set up or moved. Also, be sure to keep in mind that work may have to take place after hours so your locks, alarms and doors are set up appropriately and work can continue.

Here is a list of items or sections that you need to cover in the process of relocating your computer network:

  • Floor plan of new premises
  • Ordering of Equipment
  • Ordering of Services such as internet and data points
  • Receive equipment from Distributors
  • Configure all equipment off-site where possible
  • Install Server Rack and patch panels
  • Install/Configure Workstations
  • Install/Configure Server
  • Install/Configure VPN/Firewall/Internet
  • Test the environment

  We suggest that you consult your IT Partner about particular areas of concern for your business. There may be specific details or issues that if not identified early may cause you great stress during the process and moving into the future.

The physical moving of all the hardware is also a process you must be careful with; dropped hard drives can be damaged easily, often beyond repair may never boot up again and can be damaged easily. All other equipment must also be treated with extreme care.

Throughout this process you need to remember that planning is essential, and if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Remember that there are companies out there which specialise in the relocation process, and consider outsourcing to the professionals if you can.

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