Office IP Telephone System

How does the network integrate with our telephone systems and the telecommunications network?
You may currently have all your computers networked (i.e. all connected by network cables to a main server). This is the most common way to share information within the office, central storage and greater access and your phone can become just like your computer in that respect. Telephone systems can be linked to a central storage point for back up and voice mail handling, allowing you freedom with an array of options within the phone handset. By integrating your telecommunications system with your It system, you can handle your calls as easily as you handle emails.Its actually very simple – you can connect your network cable to a telephone as you would one of your computers,   and it uses the internet signal to make and receive calls.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically, it allows your voice calls to be connected through your network cables. This process allows you to utilise both data and voice through the same network connection.
Compared to PSTN (whats most commonly the current or standard line service), VoIP is cheaper and reliable, and is a feature-rich alternative to conventional phone systems. There are phone solutions available that incorporate the latest technology such as VoIP into a platform which can dramatically reduce expenses while working in tandem with your existing network.Some of the benefits of VoIP technology include:

– Cost savings
– ISDN + PSTN + VOIP lines
– Free calls between offices/branches
– Email integration
– Database integration
– Softphones
– State of the art handsets and accessories
– Teleconferencing
– Multi-vendor compatibility
– Outbound/Inbound call recording

VOIP systems are based on software and as such bring offer the advantage of unique flexibility and utility of purpose. Any handset connected within the network involving VoIP (regardless of distance or physical location) is able to communicate completely free of charge and becomes another extension to the PBX. Remote branches of your business worldwide are able to communicate over the internet without incurring charges or tolls by bypassing the third party telephone providers. The overall solution hardware is extremely inexpensive because there is no propriety equipment required on most VOIP servers.

Do you need help with your telephone systems?

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