IT Guide: 4) Office Mobility - Telephone Systems
Business Mobility

Mobile connectivity with the office

We are living in the age of information where processing/exchange/storage of information is performed constantly in our daily activities, and especially in a business sense. It seems only necessary that our mobile accessories have been progressively developed to take on more and more information processing and have consequentially become a near necessity for businesses.

There are literally thousands of mobile applications being used for business in areas such as:

  • Delivery of goods and services
  • Council parking officers issuing fines
  • District nurses and mobile doctors
  • Technicians clearing jobs
  • Food ordering at restaurants

Mobility devices are used most commonly by staff to communicate back to the office any time of the day or week in order to access information quickly instantly and keep on top of daily tasks.

Some of the most popular brands of mobile network devices are Blackberry, Windows Mobile enabled phones, iPhones and the new Google Android enabled phones.

Aside from email and communication, applications on these devices enable you to check your calendar and make an appointment with a client on the spot and have access to all your contacts while on the road, providing great efficiency and productivity.

Managers, Sales staff and Technical people will find those devices most useful on their day to day operations.

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