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What is the Internet?

It’s fairly safe to say that all know of the World Wide Web, as a vast majority of us are using computers these days for an endless variety of reasons and many of us spend hours sending and receiving emails or finding information. All of this access and communication is made possible by the internet. It has the ability to connect us to any person, destination or source of data that we may require in only an instant; right there in front of us on a screen.

Effective email management

Most of us receive hundreds of business-related emails and most of us seem to store them somehow for a rainy day! Well unfortunately that’s not always best for content management. Most emails you receive include information, whether it be attached as a file and or found in the body of the email text.

You don’t have to store these within the email program such as Outlook all the time. Why not store them more like you would a cupboard? Cupboards have limited space available, and require a spring clean once every now and then to keep them tidy and stop us from accumulating that old stuff we don’t need.

The same principle can be applied to managing email storage. Keep only what is absolutely necessary and then say, every Friday afternoon at 4pm or really anytime when you have 10 minutes, chuck out the extra stuff and save only what is imperative. Save attachments into another file that is backed up well and is easy to find again, delete the email it came from and label the file similarly to the subject of the original email. You need to be ruthless, or invest in larger email storage. Things will begin to run faster once you clean up your emails.

Also, another area in email management is the addition of category or cupboard folders to streamline your inbox. Not only will this prevent clogging in the inbox but also enhance efficiency in retrieving files and past emails. To do this, right click on the inbox folder and click add folder, name the folder as you wish and drag and drop emails whenever you wish to sort them appropriately.

Checking my email through Webmail

Sometimes you may not be sitting at your PC or even in your own office, and wishing you could were able to check your emails or send them out. Webmail is a tool that allows people access to your emails, all you need is access to the internet. Open up a browser and enter the secure web address. Enter your user name and password into the appropriate fields and like magic you’ll be able to read all your emails as if you were sitting at your desk! You do require Microsoft Exchange on your server at the office to do this in a safe and secure manner  it’s a fantastic tool for business.

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