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An integrated solution between phone systems and PMS (Property Management Software) allows hotels to provide a better service to guests while improving staff productivity

Increase operating efficiency

Staff can communicate faster and quickly configure guest rooms phones

Enhance guests experience

Guests can access multiple features easier and faster than ever

With this hotel phone system solution, most operations can be carried out from within the hotel management software.

Hotel Phone system integrations are available between most PMS and on-premise or cloud installations.

Introducing advanced call features that are compatible with hotel software helps improve business processes and increase customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector.

PMS (Property Management Software) Integration

Converging hotel departments and functions is a fundamental characteristic of a PMS. In such a way it’s important to integrate phone systems to simplify internal communications and provide reliable guestroom services.

Phone systems and PMS can be configured to communicate using internal messages. Once the network setup is completed, a set of functions are enabled simplify tasks such as phone billing, room service, wake calls and many more.

An integrated solution provides an interface to automate processes such as activating guestroom phones and voicemail upon check-in, as well as resetting settings such as voicemail greetings and voice messages upon guest check-out.

Hotel Phone System Features

Hotel Handsets

VTech phones and accessories provide reliable communications with cord and cordless options. All phones are designed to specifically enhance the guests’ experience, and are available in a variety of styles to match the hotel infrastructure and style. All phones use antibacterial plastic to protect guests and housekeeping staff.

Hospitality phones

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Administrative & Office Phones

Multiple handsets and accessories are available for front-desk operations and back-office processes, including multi-line devices, mobility features, headsets and conference phones.

VTech Front Desk and office phones
VTech Conference Phones

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