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Headquartered in Bendigo , Community Telco Australia (CTA) supports the sustainable development and ongoing prosperity of regional communities through local, community-owned telecommunications companies.

By combining local demand for telecommunications services in regional areas, suppliers are seeing the benefit of investing in infrastructure and services outside capital cities.

By keeping profits in local communities, capital that would otherwise be lost to the region can be reinvested locally, creating new jobs and opportunities.

There are currently nine Community Telco businesses across four states. 

  • Ballarat Community Telco
  • Bendigo Community Telco
  • Geelong Community Telco
  • Tastel (Hobart) Community Telco
  • Tastel (Launcestion) Community Telco
  • Suncoast Community Telco
  • South East QLD Community Telco
  • Oxley (Dubbo) Community Telco
  • Hunter and Coast (Newcastle) Community Telco

CTA provides the technology, processes, systems and know-how that enable the Community Telco group to offer professional telecommunications services and a competitive range of products.

Supporting our community's local prosperity

To be sustainable, regional Australia needs:

  • infrastructure,
  • opportunities and
  • capital.

The key to all three is a community desire to make a change and the commitment to see it through.

During the 1990s when the ‘big four’ banks closed over 2,000 branches, the Bendigo Bank developed its Community Bank® model. Bendigo Bank now provides the banking systems for over 210 community-owned banks all over Australia .

Like the banking model, a Community TelcoTM pools local telecommunications demand, enabling the community to have some influence in the infrastructure investment decisions of suppliers.

Regional businesses with the same quality of voice and data services as their metropolitan counterparts can be more competitive on a broader scale.

These successful regional businesses also generate employment and contribute to a thriving local economy, which makes that region an even more attractive investment destination.

The Community Telco group also has the full support and backing of Community Telco Australia and the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group, providing processes, systems, and significant buying power to benefit our own local businesses and communities.

Supporting your business with telco capability

Telco solutions for local businesses The Community Telco group provides telecommunications solutions for many regional communities.

By bringing together the telco spend of local businesses, these local Community Telco companies can influence carriers to offer greater service delivery and market competition for regional Australia .

As part of a national Community Telco group that currently reaches across four states, these local companies leverage national buying power whilst keeping profits and contributions local.

All your business telco needs are covered.