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Panasonic telephone systems combine the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of IP technology, offering maximum feature and functional flexibility to handle all of customers’ business communication needs, both today and in the future. panasonic Handset panasonic phone systems
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Panasonic Telephone Systems Vision

Panasonic aims to inspire and delight customers, by providing innovative lifestyle solutions in the home, on the move and at work.

Together with their partners, Panasonic is driven by the need and desires of there customers to offer products which integrate seamlessly, reliable and easy to support there quality services.

Panasonic recognises their customers and employees as individuals so as to provide an enriching experiences which last a lifetime.

Panasonic Phone Systems Values

Panasonic is committed to realising the expectations of customers, staff, partners and the community.

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Ask yourself how much would a day without phone calls cost? How much would a lost call cost? The answer is usually more than the price difference between a quality phone system and a cheap imitation. Buy purchasing from a leading brand you are ensuring that in the event that something happens to your phone system, the parts will be available and the companies that services it, will still be in business.

There are many brands these days which produce business phone systems. Most phone systems have similar features and functions. Panasonic combines all of the latest technology in a well thought out and well designed package. All software is windows based and is compatible with the latest versions of windows, unlike some other brands which require the technician's who install the phone system to have an older operating system and a serial cable to connect!

One of the most critical components of a phone system which is too often overlooked by manufacturers is usability. Some other phone system brands have similar features to Panasonic but where they fail is in the user experience that they provide. The telephone handset sitting on the user's desk is the only part of the phone system that the user cares about and if it is cumbersome or hard to use then this could result in loss of productivity.

panasonic telephone systems


Latest Panasonic Phone Handsets

Latest model Panasonic Phone Handsets

Panasonic KX-T7700 series  - Panasonic 7770E / 7730E / 7750E / 7710 (Hotel Phone)

Panasonic KX-T 7720E handset

KX-T7700 series
Panasonic KX-T 7720E
Panasonic KX-T 7720E-2 handset

KX-T7700 series
Panasonic KX-T 7730E

Panasonic KX - T 7750E  handset3Panasonic KX - T 7750E KX-T7700 series

Panasonic KX-T 7735 handset 4

KX-T7700 series
Panasonic KX-T 7735

Panasonic KX-T 7740E

KX-T7700 series
Panasonic KX-T 7740E

Panasonic KX - T 7710 (hotel phone)

KX-T7700 series
Panasonic KX - T 7710 (hotel phone)

Panasonic KX-T 7600 series Handsets - Panasonic 7625 / 7630 / 7633 / 7636 / 7665

Panasonic KX-T 7625

KX-T7600 series
Panasonic KX-T 7625

Panasonic KX - T7630 handset

KX-T7600 series
Panasonic KX - T7630


KX-T7600 series
Panasonic KX - T7633


KX-T7600 series
Panasonic KX - T7636


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